Scientific Illustration

Draw scientific illustrations quickly using online editable templates and graphics collections
Our unique online designer with thousands of icons allows to create illustrations by yourself. It's easy and free to try.

What you can create using Icograms Designer

Complex topic of scientific paper may require illustrations, that visualize different aspects.
Icograms Designer allows to create such illustrations, by using rich set of icons and text. Also you may upload your images on overlay them.
You may create illustrations for such industries as

  • Agriculture, Farming, Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing, Aerospace, Automotive
  • Construction, Mining
  • Electric power, Energy, Oil & Gas, Green Energy
  • Entertainment, Events
  • Healthcare, Hospitality
  • Transportation, Logistics
  • Sports
  • History and Sociology
  • Education

What our users create

Cooperative planning using future path sharing Illustration of an optimal feedback controller for pacing a cyclist during a time trial effort. Conceptual framework of slow and rapid infrastructure deployment pathways. Illustration of the caregiving robot in a hospital scenario. The main task of the robot is to distribute medicines to patients who are admitted to the hospital. The robot takes emergency situations that could happen into account and people requiring special assistance, while navigating. Nature in urban regions. Understanding linkages and benefits to human populations. End-to-End Performance Evaluation of MEC Deployments in 5G Scenarios. Energy saving potentials of connected and automated vehicles. An adaptive UAV positioning model for sustainable smart transportation. 5G enabled smart city network using FSO links. A schematic representation of the SPM infrastructures.

How to work with Icograms Designer

Get started from scratch

  • Open Icograms Designer
  • Drag and drop icons to work area
  • Use clone tools and copy/paste to speed up
  • Move, resize and recolor to find the best solution
  • Add text and symbols
  • Upload your own graphics if needed
  • Download created graphics

Get started from template

  • Choose a Template suitable for you
  • Drag and drop additional graphics if needed
  • Insert your own data using text boxes
  • Change colors, fonts and icons to customize your design
  • Upload your own graphics if needed
  • Download created graphics

We have created Icograms Designer to help people make infographics, isometric maps, diagrams and illustrations in the easiest way but you can go beyond this. All graphics are vectors and it’s perfect for printing. You can download graphics and use them in applications, presentations, documents, websites, games, videos etc.

For now our graphical base contains 3840+ icons and 540+ templates for Agriculture, Logistics, Transportation, Warehousing, Construction, IT/Network, Power Energy, Factory, Manufacturing, Interiors, Healthcare, Office, Events etc. and it is constantly growing. We regularly add new icons and templates. Also if this is not enough and you need something special you can order a personal graphics.

Open your creative mind and pick out your own way of using Icograms. Have an idea? Go to Icograms Designer and bring it to life!

Scientific Illustration related Templates

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How Self Driving Car Sees
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How Self Driving Car Recognize Objects
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Water Cycle Diagram
Six degrees of separation
Six degrees of separation
Wooden Ships
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