World Infographics

Discover the World through Captivating Infographics with Icograms Designer.

Our unique online designer with thousands of icons allows to create illustrations by yourself. It's easy and free to try.

What you can create using Icograms Designer

World infographics allow us to explore and understand the complexities of our global landscape. With Icograms Designer, you can effortlessly create stunning world infographics that showcase geographical, cultural, and statistical information in a visually engaging manner.

Whether you're a researcher, educator, journalist, or simply someone with a passion for exploring the world, Icograms Designer provides the tools you need to bring your world infographics to life. Choose from a wide range of customizable templates and icons.

Icograms Designer empowers you to present diverse data sets such as population, languages, climate, economy, and tourism in a visually appealing and informative way. Customize colors, labels, and styles to highlight key insights and create a captivating visual narrative.

From educational materials and travel guides to business presentations and news articles, world infographics created with Icograms Designer make complex information accessible to a wide audience. Engage your readers, viewers, or students with compelling visuals that tell stories about our interconnected world.

Explore the power of visual storytelling and create stunning world infographics with Icograms Designer. Gain a deeper understanding of our diverse planet, share valuable insights, and inspire others to appreciate the wonders of our global community.

How to work with Icograms Designer

To get started from scratch

  • Open Icograms Designer
  • Drag and drop icons to the work area
  • Utilize clone tools and copy/paste functions to increase efficiency
  • Move, resize, and recolor icons to find the best solution
  • Add text and symbols to enhance your design.
  • Upload your own graphics if needed
  • Export the created graphics

To get started from a template

  • Choose a suitable template
  • Drag and drop additional graphics if necessary
  • Insert your own text using text boxes
  • Customize your design by changing colors, fonts, and icons
  • Upload your own graphics if needed
  • Export the created graphics

We created Icograms Designer with the goal of helping people easily create infographics, isometric maps, diagrams, and illustrations. However, its capabilities go beyond that. All graphics are in vector format, making it perfect for printing. You can export the graphics and use them in various applications, presentations, documents, websites, games, videos, and more.

Currently, our graphic library consists of over 4658 icons and 912 templates covering a wide range of categories such as Festivals, Sports, Agriculture, Logistics, Transportation, Warehousing, Construction, IT / Network, Power Energy, Factory, Manufacturing, Interiors, Healthcare, Office, and more.This collection is continuously growing as we regularly add new icons and templates. If you still need something unique and specific, we also offer the option to order personalized graphics.

Unleash your creativity and explore the countless possibilities with Icograms. Do you have an idea in mind? Visit Icograms Designer and bring it to life!

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